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The training program is compiled by our partner Nuovo Simonelli with SCA Certified Trainer - Dario Ciarlantini.
Fully compliant with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) standards.  
* All courses include both theory and practice

Barista Foundations

The course will help you become a professional, certified barista

• History of coffee
• What processes do coffee beans undergo from picking to preparation
• Qualitative and taste differences between the most common grains. 
• Roasting
• Grinding
• Grinder calibration
• Techniques for working with coffee machines.
• Espresso standard. Drinks based on espresso
• Milk - its properties, steaming technique.
• Health and hygiene
• Modern coffee-making technologies (V60; Siphone, etc.)
• Brewing. Coffee making Standards
• Maintenance - Systematic cleaning/control of a coffee machine and grinder.
• Latte Art - in practice

• Test + practical test

* Course duration - 4 days, 3 hours of lectures
* Price: 1 student - 480 GEL

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